3 Mindfulness Practices To Try With Your Teen Every Morning

What are your mornings like? Do you wake up feeling like a ray of sunlight, ready to shine on all who cross your path? Or do you just feel tired and irritable? Take a moment when you wake up to note how you feel. Observe your emotions without letting them overwhelm you. Pause and call up some reasons for gratitude as you greet the day. Focus on the day’s potential, nothing that you’re strong enough to handle challenges and uncover moments of contentment.

Remember to start your day with self-compassion rather than harsh words. For example, if you overslept, rather than getting upset at yourself, use a self-compassion statement like, “Wow, I listened to my body and gave myself a little rest. Now, I need to get dressed and dive into the new day.”

Starting your day with mindfulness can help clear your mind and create the opportunity to accept the day as it comes. Now, let’s go over some exercises to help you create some mindful mornings.

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