5 Meghan Markle Beauty Secrets: The New Mom’s Favorite Primer, Cleanser, More

While we’re sure Markle will embody that new-mom glow as she loves on her new infant son, past interviews provide a clue to her must-have products so you can get your skin care on, too. Here are five of her steal-worthy beauty secrets:

1. The Duchess Exfoliates Regularly to Encourage Skin Cell Turnover

Markle clearly has a lit-from-within glow, and she attributes that to her favorite exfoliating product, Tatcha The Rice Polish ($65, Tatcha.com). “It just sort of foams on your face and gives you a really subtle exfoliation,” Markle told Allure in 2014.

“Exfoliation can be a great option to give your skin a renewed, brighter complexion. It works by turning over the skin cells,” says Katie Beleznay, MD, a clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia and a dermatologist practicing at Carruthers and Humphrey Cosmetic and Semour Health Center in Vancouver. The Tatcha product Markle swears by is a chemical exfoliant (as opposed to a physical scrub), which means there’s generally less of a risk of irritation, says Dr. Beleznay. It also contains papaya, a “fruit enzyme that tends to be even gentler than some of the other chemical exfoliants available such as alpha or beta hydroxy acids. Depending on the formulation, it can be a great option for those with sensitive skin,” she says.

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2. Markle Massages Her Face to Decrease Early Signs of Aging

It may take more time than slathering a cream on your skin, but Markle told Birchbox in 2014 that she does facial exercises. “I swear it works, as silly as you may feel. On the days I do it, my cheekbones and jawline are waaaay more sculpted,” Markle said. She’s referring to a routine developed by aesthetician Nicola Joss, who Instagrammed this nine-exercise chart in 2018.

“There is soft science that facial massage can help [with the signs of aging],” says Washington, DC, dermatologist Tina Alster, MD, founding director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery. “The potential benefits come from increasing blood flow to the skin.”

One small study of 20 women over age 65 found that a skin-massaging device used in combination with an antiaging cream enhanced the benefits of the cream and reduced sagging, per research published in the March 2017 issue of PLoS OneSimilarly, another study looked at the effects of performing 30 minutes of “facial yoga” at least every other day in women over 40. Published in March 2018 in JAMA Dermatology, it found that after 20 weeks, those in the facial-yoga group appeared to have more fullness in their upper and lower cheeks.

Another option is the gua sha facial, which involves a hard utensil that you swipe across your skin and is said to offer similar benefits as a facial massage. “If you’re the type who can be good about massaging your skin daily, then you may see a more radiant look in the short term, but we don’t know that massage will do anything permanent,” says Dr. Alster. If you’re interested in therapies that stimulate collagen renewal in the skin, consider those that are proved to lessen the signs of aging, like Fraxel laser, radiofrequency (like Thermage), or ultrasound (like Ultherapy) procedures.

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