5 Signs You Have Major Intimacy Issues In Your Marriage

Intimacy is about feeling close to your partner, especially after the courting period. The courting period is a time when you feel close but you actually merge with your partner and forget your individuality for a while.

Now, true closeness can be attained.

If you notice these five signs and symptoms of intimacy issues in your marriage, it’s time to reconnect.

1. You feel negative feelings increasingly more about your partner and keep it to yourself.

The ‘keep it to yourself’ part of the sentence is by far the most problematic part. It is normal and even inevitable that you will have some negative feelings towards your partner from time to time, and sometimes more than others.

Keeping it to yourself may be a habit you picked up as a child. Many people grew up in families where at least emotionally, they were left on their own. No parent was there to help you out of emotional pain.

This person can become what I call an emotional soloist, which can lead to significant intimacy problems if not corrected.

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2. Bickering increases but neither partner feels heard.

Bickering is a sign of two immature people reacting to each other. Neither partner has the emotional muscle to hear something stressful and stay present and connected to their mate.

In patterns like this, neither partner feels heard and it often can escalate from bickering into an all-out couple war. By the way, being immature is not bad; it is actually common since many of us had parents who were immature when it came to handling their own emotional issues.

The key is to grow up together beyond the emotional age of our parents when under stress.

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