Alicia Keys Reveals Her Skincare Routine for a Makeup-Free Glow

Ever since she went makeup-free in 2016, Alicia Keys’ skincare routine has become one of her best kept secrets. But in a new “Get Unready With Me’ video on her YouTube channel, she finally revealed how she gets her enviable glow. You might expect it to include a collection of expensive creams and serums, but it’s surprisingly simple. She only uses two to three key products on her face—the rest of her ritual is all about winding down, aligning her energy, and setting intentions. “Even if it’s just five minutes at the end of the day, I need it,” she says. “And you need it too.”

She starts by drinking water and setting the mood.

As any good skincare regimen should, Keys starts by drinking a large mason jar full of water, complete with a metal straw. “Water—it’s a secret, it sounds so simple,” she says. “It is important.” She goes on to create a relaxing atmosphere by burning her favorite candles and incense.

Her skin is prepped for cleansing.

First, she wipes her face down with a makeup wipe or, if you don’t have any, she says you can use hot water and a cloth. That preps the skin for cleansing, for which she uses the Osmosis Beauty Deep Clean Detox Cleanser.

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