How The Elimination Diet Helps You Feel Better Than Ever (With Guide)

Are you constantly feeling a little bit under the weather? It could be because you have a food intolerance.

The Elimination Diet can help you discover if this is the case. 

It’s estimated that up to one in five people across the globe may suffer from food intolerance, and most of them aren’t even aware of it.  

This condition can result in all sorts of physical and mental ailments. Your stomach pains, stiff joints, and headaches might be caused by this. It could also be creating problems like brain fog, mood swings or depression. 

What’s more, you might not even know anything is wrong.

After all, how do you know what your optimal physical and mental state is if you’ve never experienced it? Doctors are often quick to dismiss these minor ailments as symptoms of bad sleep or old age.

I’ve now asked hundreds of doctors in countries all around the world the same question – ‘how much time did you spend studying food at medical school?’

Go ask your doctor this question and you will find the answer is ‘zero’.

— Eric Edmeades, Author of Mindvalley’s WildFit program

The Elimination Diet was designed to help you reach your optimal state while identifying the foods that prevent you from feeling at your best. 

As far as temporary diets go, it’s relatively complicated. But it’s worth the effort.  

We have researched the most effective Elimination Diet plan to have you feeling better than ever. 

Our guide explains how to successfully take on an elimination diet, why it works so well and the results you can expect after it’s finished. 

purpose elimination diet

What Is The Elimination Diet?

The purpose of the Elimination Diet is to identify which foods are stopping you from feeling your best. 

This is achieved by eliminating all of the food groups which people tend to develop intolerances towards. 

For maximum effectiveness, it’s generally recommended that this elimination period lasts at least three weeks. This gives your body time to adapt to its new fuel. After three weeks, you should begin to experience noticeable improvements to your physical and/or mental state. This is the clearest evidence that your diet was causing the initial problems.

The next step is to determine what part of your diet was to blame.   

You’ll do this by reintroducing individual food groups back into your diet for one day, then noting down any changes in your condition for the following two days. 

This three-day cycle continues until you identify which food group is causing you problems. 

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